A Kingly Spin For A Noble Win

King of the Gamers

T bird vs. FB lucky hand game

Is your bag o’ tweets about to get rifled through?

The English Crusader King Who Gambled For Kingdom And Country

King Richard the Lionheart is one of the best known historical figures of English history.

A true knight and warrior, he was in a class of his own. We know a lot about his lifestyle and interests because historians wrote it all down while he was alive. After all, he was incredibly famous even when he was alive. As King of England, he also lived much of the time in France.

And there, people loved to play games at court. Whether it was dice or cards, people enjoyed games of chance for pleasure and profit. And he was no exception. His love for dice and cards is well known, as well as his love of banquets and songs.

even the divine delights in tossing gaming dice

Will It Be Snake Eyes for The Lord?

Imagine how he would have enjoyed the pleasure of playing at an online casino with poker, blackjack, or even craps. Perhaps even the pleasure of learning a new game such as keno or sic bo would have entertained him as well. He was the sort of person who would have enjoyed that immensely, as all great men of history loved games and entertainmentof that sort in the day – and weren’t ashamed of it one bit!

It was how they entertained themselves and took pleasure in their lives with their fellow companions.

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