Moustache Maze Art

Maze of Moustache Thick Glasses and Bowler Hat

Maze of a Moustache

Maze of the Moustache | Solved Maze Path HERE

This maze of a moustache, thick glasses and a bowler hat is part of the FREE MAZES project, and as such, you may use, enjoy, distribute, print or any other way you can imagine with this image, without requiring any further permission.

The maze solution can be found by scrolling down to the end of this page. To make sure you don’t see the maze solution without the intention, we will distract you with hilarious cat memes and silly puns. It is our way of preserving the mystery that makes this artwork so great.

Sprinkles cat innocent I tell ya!

meme of cat with sprinkles

Cat Moustache Needs and ANSWER

meme of Moustache Cat

Invisible Cat Water Slide MEME

meme of invisible water slide

The PUN is mightier than the sword.

sword not as mighty as the PUN

Moustache Maze Solution

Maze solution

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Good Luck Cat

good luck black cat

Cat helping u keep ur luck | Image Source:

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Fence worthy Cats

maze of cat on fence

Cat on Fence with flying Ball at night | Click on MAZE 2 C the Solution

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Zodiac Maze of The Taurus Sign

taurus maze

Zodiac Maze of the Taurus | Maze Solution HERE

another taurus mazeGet other versions of this maze:

solar flare zodiac mazezodiac maze of taurus black and white

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Cat Memes – The Gambler Cat

Gambling cat is a hilarious meme of a cat with a too-serious face pushing forward chips at the casino table. The MEME format usually starts with an, “I’ll see your….” and then ends with and, “…And I’ll raise you…” with the blanks filled in with a very cat oriented type of value, like catnip, toy mice, owner’s valuables or something else that is comical and implies a high degree of importance to cats, and not much to humans. Maze your own Gambling Cat MEME – Template HERE

meme of gambling cat

Meme of Gambling Cat

meme of the gambler cat

Cat Gambles Away Dead Birds and Catnip

Template For Gambler Cat MEME

Feel free to download the Gambler Cat MEME Template and make your own meme using this graphic. Be sure to share the one you created, especially if it is funny!

template for gambler cat meme

MAZE SOLUTION Zodiac Maze of the Taurus

Marcus Aurelius’ Maze N’ Quotes

marcus aurelius quote maze

maze art of Marcus Aurelius quote – Maze Solved HERE

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famous quote by marcus aurelius maze

Maze art of Marcus Aurelius Quote | Maze’s Solution

More Maze Art

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The Maze of Sun Dancers

cup of kitten Aniamted GIF

Tall Glass of Kitten, Anyone?

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Maze Of The Sun Dancers

The Sun-Dancers Maze – The maze solution HERE

Meow Suprise Cat Casino Art

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animated GIF of bucket full of kittens

Lucky Dolphin Maze op art

dolphin maze in full colour - yanito freminoshi

Maze of the Colourful Dolphin – Find the solution to the maze here

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Cute Kittens And Super Hero Meowzers

iphone casino superhero kitten

iPhone Casino Airborne Super kitten

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Hero Cat

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Mobile Casino for non-hero kitten lovers

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Fun with Mobile Casino

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