iPad Casino Maneki Neko cat

cat jumps on light turns them offCats are one of the most complex yet simple domestic creatures. They are considered to be the most popular domestic pet in the world and together with being loving and loyal they can also be terrifying and scary to strangers who are invading their territory. The advantages of owning a cat far outweigh any disadvantages that they may have. The soft purring of a cat means that it is content and when its tail is down and it is curled up in a ball then it is at its happiest and also feels safe. A cat sitting on a lap is better than any hot water bottle and better than any blanket whether hot or cold the gentle breathing of the cat and the gentle sounds that it makes are very therapeutic. In fact it has been proved a number of times that constant petting of a cat is very good for blood pressure sufferers and can also increase Seretonin in the blood stream which is the feel good chemical in the body. Having a cat as a pet can be used to the advantage of the owner in a number of areas, apart from the obvious company that the cat offers to its owners. When a playing casino game at an ipad casino, keeping a cat close by or on the lap of the player leads to better decisions made in the game and at the same time helps the player concentrate and reduces his stress levels.
ipad casino maneki neko cat

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