Casinos and Conquerors

Conquerors and Casino Games

Words alone would not satisfy these men of great recognition

Gengis Khan took many risks in battles. He also loved to play games. That’s because great men of the day loved to work and play hard, and that meant not only taking risks on the battlefield, but also playing cards and dice.

Games like sic bo and other games which included risk taking have been with us since our time on the planet.

And Gengis Khan would have been an avid player on online casinos. That’s because he could have played late into the night, as he always did, far past when his other generals went to bed. People like him would have loved to be able to have mobile casino games available when on the move with the army, because when he was planning late into the night, he would have to have a break every now and then and enjoy life for a bit.

After all, all that conquering had to be good for something, didn’t it?

Prof. Einstein comic art with one armed bandit

Even Einstein Loved To Conquer All Jackpots With Science & Fun

William the Conqueror used to be an avid gambler. Not only did he gamble on the battlefield, but he also gambled on the table with his generals and courtiers.

In fact, the French courts were known for their love of playing games back in the day, as they are today as well. And William was no exception to that rule. He’d boast about his battles during late nights at the table and play dice with his men. He also most likely played cards, as that was quite in the fashion in those days. Imagine how he would have enjoyed online casino games.

Being no exception to the court life of entertainment, he would have absolutely loved playing those games by himself or with his friends. There were few other games available back in the day apart from cards and dice, and those were the games people loved, and still love, the most. That’s why they’re so popular still today. They’re the kind of thing which can make everyone enjoy their time off and have fun while taking a little risk or two and maybe even reaping the rewards.

It’s something even William the Conqueror lived for.