Meow Suprise Cat Casino Art

cat art of a surprised meowzerIt’s your day today and you don’t even realize it. Today is the day that you’re going to discover online pokies, and when you do you will see just how much excitement they bring to your life. Today’s casino game choices are abundant and each one adds more excitement to the day than the next. With online pokies, you can literally play hundreds of game choices with different themes. You can cuddle up with your cat as you play in your bathrobe and enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to run out to the land based casino and you don’t have to think about finding entertainment somewhere, because it’s right in front of you. And this creates an awesome feeling for the casino game player who loves the opportunity to sit in bed with his cat and relax. And this relaxation includes awesome entertainment, as today’s online pokies games are chalk full of fun and excitement when you play them. Have a great time today and you’ll soon see how much these online casino games have added to your life and to the entertainment that you feel each day.
animated GIF of bucket full of kittens

Lucky Dolphin Maze op art

dolphin maze in full colour - yanito freminoshi

Maze of the Colourful Dolphin – Find the solution to the maze here

You’ve never been someone who needs much entertainment. You’re good at taking care of yourself and of entertaining yourself. And since the casino games have come along, you’ve become even better at entertaining yourself. Now, you can sit in the house with your Android and curl up with your cat while you play amazing mobile casino games. You can take your Android on the go with you as well, of course, and play anywhere that you happen to find yourself. And then when you come back home and you’ve finished washing the dishes and doing all of the boring activities that you have to complete, you can enjoy online casino games from your laptop. When you play from your laptop, you can continue to call your cat over for some TLC and to have a great time together while cat shaking in slow motionyou enjoy the entertainment in front of you. And all of this allows you to have a blast without having to look for other people to entertain you and without having to go out to a movie or eat dinner out. This is a great way for you to have a wonderful time all by yourself and to have fun while you’re doing it.

The iPhone Casino and the Kitten

animated gif of cat tuck and rollWhen it comes to choosing a platform for playing online casino games, the iPad casino seems to be winning more and more people over. The desktop computer offers a large screen and a huge number of games, and the mobile phone offers the advantage of mobility, allowing you to play whenever you want, even if you can’t get to a computer. But the iPad casino offers the best of both platforms, giving you a large and high resolution screen that has all the mobility and connectivity you get from a cell phone. That’s why many people believe that the iPad casino is the wave of the future, especially as more and more games are converted to mobile format so that they can be accessed optimally through the device. Research has also shown that people seem to be having more fun playing casino games on the iPad than on any other format. They return more often to make deposits, and spend more time playing on average. The iPad casino is also ideal for playing while holding a cat in your lap, which has proven to reduce stress while playing and make the experience more enjoyable. Too often, people get emotionally involved in their games, causing them to make bad decisions. This is particularly true for people who start out on a winning streak and then go cold. They continue to chase the streak long after their luck has changed. But having a cat purring in your lap helps keep you balanced.
iphone casino cat of steel

ANIMATED GIF – Cute Cats, winning iPad Blackjack hand

cute cat animated GIF

Cats are very loving creatures and they are also very clever creatures. People who do not like cats would accuse them of being manipulative but the truth is a cat understands its owner and definitely understands the emotions of its owners. By understanding the emotions of the owner the cat can help in many ways. One of the best known ways in which a cat can help is when playing ipad casino games. The ipad whether playing on a mini ipad or a larger standard ipad can be balanced on player’s knees or lodged next to the player on a couch or table as he plays the games offered. The player’s physical being is much freer when playing ipad casino games leaving him free to pet his cat while playing the games or just looking at the ipad casino. By petting the cat, the player is keeping himself calm and ANIMATED GIF winning hand at ipad blackjackalso increasing the feel good chemical in the body which in turn helps the player to make clear headed decisions when playing the games. Depending on how clever the cat is, the player may also want the cat to physically help him with the game by tapping on different icons on the screen that will activate different actions in the game. Of course the cat is not clever enough to know which icons to tap but with a little bit of guidance he can definitely help the player as he enjoys the choice of ipad casino games that are offered at the ipad casino.