Giraffes for Facebook profile pics

Facebook Giraffe SilhouetteYou have never been in love with giraffes and you’re certainly not about to choose to put up free giraffes on your profile page. But you notice all of a sudden that all sorts of other people are putting these up on facebook so you’re curious about what the heck is going on. And the answer is quite easy to understand. The giraffe profile pics are all about a riddle that is going around facebook right now. The riddle asks people a question and then they have to send an email to sleepy-baby-giraffethe friend to answer it. If they answer the riddle correctly, they can keep their facebook page the way it is. If, however, they don’t answer right, then it’s time to enjoy free giraffes. They will need to change their avatar to show giraffe profile pics for three days. And that’s why so many people have recently changed their profile picture to be a giraffe. If you’re wondering where they get these pictures that include a giraffe, you can get free giraffe profile pics at THIS link and can enjoy them at other places as well. It’s really easy to find great giraffe facebook pictures and to have a blast with this. This is exactly one of the types of activities that makes facebook so much fun. You can be part of activities like this that make it fun for you to have fun with your friends and to solve interesting riddles.

giraffe in the desert

Visual optical illusions

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