What 2 Khans And An Aussie Pokie Can Conquer That You Can’t

Online Poker : If Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan … Do You Think You Can?

Ghenghis Khan never won a round of Aussie Pokies

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was one of the most known generals of his time, and in the world today. He created the biggest empire the world had ever seen, in only a matter of a few years. His feats of prowess were legendary, so much that his own people started thinking that he was a demi-god. His was a story of uniting a people and making them into a huge power.

But what did people such as that do in their off time? After all, not every one of his waking moments was consumed by creating an empire. No, people like that also take time off for entertainment and relaxation.

And back then, this meant playing dice (Checkout some awesome dice games on this awesome Aussie games site). Genghis Khan was a huge lover of gambling and playing dice games. He would often be playing with his men in his yurt after a victory to celebrate.

Imagine how he would have loved playing online casino games, and even learning new games such as scratch card and online poker or blackjack. It was the sort of thing which he would have craved – new experiences to share and remember. He went on to found the biggest empire the world had ever seen and create a new capital city in China, which was later ruled by his grandson, Kublai Khan.

Such was his family dynasty that it lasted a hundred years and sustained one of the greatest periods in history the world had ever known.

Kublai Khan

Kublai Khan was one of the biggest people in history to have ever lived. Until the British Empire, his was the biggest the world had ever seen. He was truly a formidable man who never rested at all.

His love of the hunt and of war was even exceeded by his love for arts and entertainment. Indeed, he loved the refined things of the court, and encouraged them. His parties were lavish and thrown every night, well into the dawn. They were renown far and wide. His love of gambling games was also huge. And that meant dice. At the time, people played dice – games such as sic bo and craps, with many different rules. It was the entertainment of the day.

Kublai Khan loved to play dice so we can only imagine how much he would have loved playing online casino games. It would have been the thing which he could have shown off every night to his guests of honor, to amaze them. Big men such as he weren’t truly rounded without a love for games, taking risks, and entertainment. He was definitely no exception to that rule, and he is still remembered for those things today.

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