Hero Cat

ipad casino flying kitten superheroOnline blackjack, video poker, online roulette — these are just a few of the online casino games that you can play on your iPad. The iPad casino games are so easy, that you could even play letting your cat tap the tabs on the screen. How about a game of online slots? When games are based on luck, it doesn’t matter who presses the action tabs. So even a cat could. And in fact, many people believe that their cats bring them good luck. So wouldn’t they want their cat to play for them? Some do something in between, they hold their cat’s paw in one hand and direct it to the screen. That way they can take advantage of the cat’s luck without the risk that the cat will tap in the wrong place and bet one hundred thousand dollars on the next spin. Actually, you should not worry. Online casino games have limits much lower than that. It is just an example that you may want to retain some control over what you cat can do. In fact, it may be a good idea to first set your bet and only have the cat tap on the spin, deal, or roll action tabs, where no thinking is necessary and tapping the tab is just an indication that you are ready for the game to begin. That way the cat can still bring you luck but you don’t have to take any risks that he will get you into trouble.

Mobile Casino for non-hero kitten lovers

ipad mobile casino ride for super hero catHave you ever seen a cat stalking its prey? For several minutes the cat is completely consumed with its task, slowly moving toward the target, crouching and wiggling as it prepares to finish the job. Within seconds after the jump however, regardless of whether the attack was successful or not, the cat returns to “real life” by grooming itself and settling down for a nap. Cats have a lot to teach us. In our increasingly hectic world with more work responsibilities, more home obligations and more worries than ever, we have to learn how to disconnect from our anxieties and unwind. There are many relaxation strategies and one of the most effective involves online gaming which brings players into the gaming arena for quick bouts of cat-like pouncing action followed by the rewarding sensation of a job well done. iPhone owners can play at the iphone casino at any time and from any location on their handheld iphone device. iPhone gaming enables players to enjoy the casino’s card games, table games, lotteries and slot machines with all of the attractive graphics, engaging animations and compelling sound track of themed music and casino shouts and applause that creates a genuine Las Vegas casino atmosphere right on the iphone device.