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Afro Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | NO RIGHTS RESERVED | Maze Solution Here

Cat for edge in Casino War

Casino War Grenade PropagandaCats are great company. They cannot talk to their owners and carer’s but there is a certain amount of communication that they manage and the more time that a person spends with his cat the more he understands the cat and its needs. The cat needs nurturing and looking after but in return offers the owner many incredible qualities that can be used by the owner. Constantly petting a cat calms an owner and in fact is a great way to lower blood pressure. Many different surveys and reports have been conducted and written that show how blood pressure of cat owners and other domestic pets has been lowered by looking after the pet. The cats are also known to increase the feel good hormone in the body. This is a great asset to have and one that can be used when playing online casino games like casino war. Casino war is a fast paced online casino game that does not require a lot of input from the player apart from the cat gif shredding toilet paper memedecision on how much to bet. As a result the game is very fast pace and the player needs to be well focused before embarking on a real money game. The higher the feel good hormone levels in the body the better the person feels about himself and the better he will perform in the game of casino war. There are no guarantees in this game and even if the player loses, the feel good hormones that have increased due to the pet cat come into action and the player can appreciate the game of casino war for what it is, a game and not a money competition. Having the right attitude when playing casino war online and other online casino game is very important because there are always losses together with the winnings. Being able to deal with the losses and the winnings in the same way benefits the player and helps him to achieve the most satisfaction from the game. Even playing casino war for fun can be stressful and the presence of a cat close by or on the players lap helps the game run more smoothly and the player to get the most out of the game. So apart from being great company, the cats are also very beneficial domestic pets to look after.

Cats of Casino War

afrodelic op art optical illusions by Yanito FreminoshiCats are loving and warm creatures that like to be nurtured and looked after. In return for being looked after a cat offers comfort, many health benefits and even personal benefits to their owners. It has been noted in a number of surveys and research projects that owners of cats benefit from better health than the non-owners. The cat owner’s blood pressure is lower and they also have higher serotonin levels. Serotonin is the feel good hormone present in every person and the more serotonin present the better a person feels about himself and the better he can perform in all walks of life. One of the well-known areas that cats can make a different is to be present when playing online casino games and especially games such as casino war. The casino war game is a relatively easy game to understand and play. It can be tried out for fun at many of the casino war online cat vs cat funny cat gif of Karate moveplaces giving the player a chance to get to know the game and once he is ready to play real money casino war, in just a few moments he can switch to the real money version. While the player is enjoying an online game of casino war he can also keep his cat close by helping him to stay calm and focused on the game. And with the increased serotonin levels that the player has from petting his cat he also feels much better about himself and is therefore able to enjoy and perform better in his game of casino war. He can make decisions with a clear head and knowing that he is sure about the game he is playing and the decisions he is making. Whether choosing to surrender at a tie or go to war, the player is confident in the choices he makes thanks to the presence of the cat and the warmth and love that it oozes. The game of casino war online becomes a much more attractive prospect once the player has his cat close by. The cat gives him security and a certain status that in turns adds to his confidence and a confident player achieves better results and without a doubt better satisfaction from his games. Even players that do not own cats should consider borrowing their neighbour’s cat or a friend’s cat for the duration of their game of casino war online.

Afro Maze SOLVED

Afro Maze SOLVED

Maze Illusion Heart Candies

Maze Illusion Puzzle of Heart Candy

Click the MAZE ILLUSION to find the SOLUTION to the heart candy puzzle

Created for the online slots game SO MUCH CANDY to be used as part of their promotional campaign. This artwork is a sample proposal and none of the images have gotten final approval to be used commercially.  For illustration purposes only.

Ice Cream Maze N Cats

Maze Swirl Ice Cream Cone

Maze of Ice Cream Swirl on a Cone | MAZE SOLUTION HERE

Casino Games Online Blackjack

Playing ipad casino games offers a player who is used to going out many great benefits Cute Cat Eating Ice Cream Animated GIFincluding the fact that he is at home or even on holiday or at the office with his iPad. Obviously for people that like the quiet and comfort of home, the mobile roulette, mobile blackjack and many other mobile casino games that are offered are a blessing at the iPad Casino. But the player may still feel a little lonely and that is where having a cat close by or on a lap while playing ipad casino games is very beneficial. The cat offers companionship together with increasing the feel good feeling of the player. It has been proven that by gently petting a cat, Seretonin, a feel good drug in the body, increases and the better a person feels about himself the better he is able to perform and the results for his gaming will improve. By gently petting a cat, the player is also reducing his stress levels and blood pressure that in turn keeps him calm and focused something that is definitely needed for games of iPad Blackjack and iPad Roulette.

meme of cats eating ice creamCat Ice CreamGamers who are searching for a dynamic entertainment option that they can enjoy from the comfort of their home may wish to explore the world of iPad casino gaming. The iPad casino is a popular alternative for individuals who want to come home after a long day of work, commuter traffic and frustrating shopping excursions and relax with the family cat while they play casino games. There are numerous table games, card games or slot machines at the casino that gamers can enjoy in a genuine Las Vegas atmosphere of fun and excitement. Stimulating ipad casino games include iPad Blackjack and poker card games, iPad Roulette, Cat Is Very Fancy ShmancyBaccarat and Craps table games and ipad slots. It’s easy and convenient to play mobile blackjack, mobile roulette and other ipad casino games on your iPad tablet device. Simply open the online casino URL on your mobile browser and submit your cell phone number and your country of residence to the ipad casino site. The casino will send you a text message. Click on the message and enter the casino to access any of the dozens of featured casino games. You only have to access the ipad casino app once — afterwards the casino will continue to sign you into your account automatically. Regardless of whether you want to play your game for a few minutes or a few hours the ipad casino will provide you with everything that you need to play for as long as you want in the Free Mode for free or in the Real Mode for real money prizes.

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Maze Solution to the Ice Cream Swirl Maze

Solved ICE CREAM maze

Lucky Casino Games for Lucky Art

Casino art triangleThe world of real money gambling has existed for thousands of years including ancient forms baccarat in Italy, blackjack and roulette in France, poker in Persia and keno in China. Today gamers no longer need to travel to a land-based casino venue in order to enjoy their favorite gaming challenges. For 20 years the online casino offered a quality casino experience for PC players and today, the ipad casino, the iphone casino and the android casino present that same superior gaming encounter to mobile smartphone players. New technology brings the latest HTML5 Casino Gamers directly to the mobile device’s browser where gamers can access their favorite games instantly on the casino’s URL with no needed casino software download. The mobile casino features dramatic animations and vivid graphics which display in a high quality resolution on the mobile device screen. Game options include blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, keno, craps and three-reel and five-reel online slots.
casino art of pschedelic wheel.

Fantastish Kasino Illusions

The casino art broken mirror optical illusion
With the technology today, it’s a wonder that any of us ever get any work done! There are just so many ways to have fun and to enjoy yourself, that it’s certainly tempting to enjoy things like the html5 casino and to blow off work. However, we all have to pay the bills, of course. But it’s great to know that we have technology like the hmtl5 casino in our back pocket so that we can have a blast when we aren’t grinding away at our jobs. And, with the iphone casino and the ipad casino, not to mention the android casino and others, you can play html5 casino games right from your phone without having to download any apps or worry about anything at all. You can play in a flash – quite literally – and have a great time enjoying games like slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and more.
psychedelic 8-ball visual optical illusion casino art

Feel Lucky with these iphone casino psychedelic optical illusions

optical illusion casino art propeller illusionThe iPhone casino offers outstanding online casino games you can play whenever the mood strikes, even if a computer isn’t available. That means you can play on the train or bus on the way home from work, at the doctor’s waiting room, or anytime you have a few minutes to spare. And if you’re playing casino games using the iPhone, you can keep a browser tab open to your favorite casino site all day while you use other functions on your phone. And then when the opportunity comes to play a few hands of blackjack or a few spins of popular slots games such as Thunderstruck, the game is there waiting for you on the browser. Thanks to the miracle of technology, the games have all of the quality graphics and sound effects with html5 casino games that you would get with the desktop versions of the games.
optical illusion casino artwork

Super Lucky iPhone Casino Optical Ilusions

all slots casino 1960's style bannerOne of the great advantages of the iPhone casino is that the safari browser allows players to use web pages in much the same way that they can in a computer based browser. This means, that a player who is enjoying a game of iPhone blackjack, can pause the game to read an important email from work and then go back to finishing his game of blackjack, leaving the webpage open all of this time. This ability to flip between open pages provides the player with a more fluid user experience. By simply tapping on the page icon and flicking the page left or right, the player is able to switch between different pages very easily. The player is also able to add his favourite html5 casino as a web clip on his home screen for quick access to the iPhone casino.
oval psycheelic illusion casino art

iPad Casino for fun and real money

 Whatever criticism you may have of the ipad casino, you cannot deny that the user experience at the ipad casino is far superior to that of the desk top or even of the android tablets. This fact is actually proven as many more players at the ipad casino will come back to deposit and re-live their fun gaming experience than at other online or mobile casinos. Aside from the fact that playing on the ipad is very convenient as it is portable and it is usually with you at all times, the specific ipad functions also make it a perfect companion for playing casino games on. One of the reasons for the superiority of the gaming experience on the ipad is that a lot of the mobile casinos actually developed software specifically for the ipad to take advantage of its many different functions. The other tablet casinos use generic versions of the site and while they also work well, the ipad certainly has a superior quality to its casino games.
ipad casino psychedelic illusion of the number three

my casino, iPad Casino

cubic swirls optical illusion and visual illusion casino artWhat makes the ipad casino different from all of the other table casino choices is that it does not need to be downloaded and no App needs to be purchased. Players can access the casino directly and immediately via the Safari web browser of the casino instantly. New players to the ipad casino which is in fact an html5 casino using the newest and most up to date technology are greeted with a sign up bonus that awards them a match up bonus offer together with further bonuses and special promotions that are given out to players as they place further real money deposits. The promotions are only part of the all round service that the casino offers which gives players a full customer service available day and night at the casino via phone access, email and in some cases live chat. Players are offered a choice of banking options that are detailed in the cashier section of the casino, all of which have been approved by the ipad casino and offer instant transfers through fully encrypted methods. Players can also benefit from new games that are introduced at the ipad casino with special offers.
ipad casino optical illusion of double doughnut casino art