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desert op art tigerOne of the exceptional special offers that are available at the Wild Jack Casino is the VIP rewards club or VIP room as it is more commonly known. Members of the VIP room benefit from additional promotions and special attention that is given to them. VIP members can receive up to $1000 in cash back at the end of each month depending on the amount they have deposited at the casino. Members of the VIP club also receive VIP bonus sweeps and exclusive invitations to special events that are open to VIP members only. In addition extra customer support is given to these VIP members who receive their own personal casino manager that updates them on the different additional promotions and special offers which are available for these special loyal members.  In order to become part of the VIP room there is no specific qualification needed but rather loyal and continual play at the casino. Attendance and membership of the VIP room is by invitation only and the casino decides who qualifies for this special privilege and when. High rollers do not automatically receive an invite to the VIP room but they are likely to be invited within a few weeks of joining the casino.
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There have never been more options for mobile casino gaming than there are today. 25 free spins banner - hitman slots gameMobile gamers can play online casino games on a smartphone, featurephone or tablet device but the market is seeing increasing numbers of players choosing to play on the iphone mobile. The iphone answers all of the gaming needs of beginning and veteran players alike including easy access to the casino, a wide game selection, convenient Internet banking transactions and trouble-free navigation capabilities. The iphone casino is a html5 casino which psychedelic optical illusion of an explosion or explosive forceoperates using the latest casino technology. Online gamblers can open the casino directly on their iphone browser and play on the casino’s website with no needed casino software downloads. The iphone casino is open 24/7, 365 days a year to enable gamers to sign into their personal casino account and play at their convenience at any time of the day or night.
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iPad Blackjack at the mobile casino

There is nothing unnatural about the ipad casino and in fact once experienced all of the qualities and advantages of playing on the ipad become even more obvious. The ipad is lightweight and small enough to be able to be carried around in hand bag or small pouch but yet the screen is large enough to give players at the ipad casino a very clear and precise picture that is emphasized by the incredible colors and high definition technology that the ipad uses. Apart from the progressive games offered at the ipad casino all of the other games can be played for fun before players start the real money games. The ipad blackjack game has transpired to be one of the most popular of all of the ipad games and this can be explained in a number of ways. Firstly all of the advantages of the ipad speak for themselves but also the true involvement of the player with the touch controls makes him feel that he really is taking part in the game and making a difference at every stage whether he chooses to stand or take more cards, split what he has or go for the double down option.
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